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On this page, we take a look of Sen. Cory Booker from New Jersey, a prospective presidential candidate in the Democratic Party. This article is the latest in a series of 2024 election previews, covering a wide range of potential contenders from both parties.

By starting early, handicappers can watch how the race develops and gain insight that will pay off when we’re placing our wagers. From now, through Election Day 2024, I’ll be periodically updating these candidate profiles with the latest developments, newest predictions, and most recent betting odds.

Right now, politicians eyeing a possible 2024 run are in the preliminary stages of campaigning. Nothing is official, but they’re silently forming exploratory committees, talking to political strategists, and meeting with donors and other influential figures within their respective parties. Meanwhile, why the most serious candidates are handicapping their chances, so too are the best political betting sites.

If the politicians are already planning for 2024 and the oddsmakers are already crunching numbers and setting futures lines for the hypothetical field of opponents, what excuse do us simple bettors have for not getting in on the early action?

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Sen. Cory Booker exudes “presidential.”

He looks like a president; he sounds like a president; he feels like a president. He probably smells like a president. If you needed to cast someone to play the role of “president,” you’d hire Cory Booker for your movie.

Yet, in his 2020 bid for the Democratic nomination, voters clearly didn’t find what they were looking for in a Commander-in-Chief.

Booker went from being in discussions as a potential favorite to failing to meet the polling criteria to qualify for the December DNC debates, falling shamefully short of expectations.

Devil’s Advocate

That said – the 2020 election cycle was bizarre. There was a massive field of candidates, Bernie Sanders dramatically altered the contest’s complexion, and Donald Trump was the incumbent Democratic voters were desperate to unseat.

Booker will get plenty more attempts to get it right.

The 51-year-old Senator resides in a blue state, is popular with DNC officials and donors, and is a talented, likable person overall.

Could 2024 be Cory Booker’s year?

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Hinging on Joe Biden’s Health

That depends on Joe Biden – more specifically, on Joe Biden’s health.

The 2024 primaries will take shape based on whether or not the President leaves office before finishing his first term. If so, Kamala Harris becomes the incumbent, and establishment Dems give her the nomination unopposed.

Harris will be the frontrunner either way, but the primaries might be more of a contest and less of a coronation if President Biden survives the whole four years.

That’s where Cory Booker’s opportunity lies.

The New Jersey Senator could easily outclass a smaller field of mostly centrist candidates – something like Booker vs. Vice President Harris, Pete Buttigieg, Tom Steyer, and Eric Swalwell.

Without Bernie in the mix, the Senator can highlight his progressive side – despite his corporatist reputation, Booker has advocated for Medicare for All, a federal jobs guarantee, and increasing capital gains and inheritance taxes. In 2020, his campaign followed Sanders’s lead and refused corporate donations, relying on grassroots donations.

We will probably see similar moves in future presidential bids – especially if Sen. Booker can use such tactics to position himself slightly left of mainstream Democrats.

And if the primaries don’t take on a flattering shape for Cory Booker? Rosario Dawson is his girlfriend – either way, he’s doing just fine.

Cory Booker

Cory Booker is a Senate Democrat from New Jersey. The Rhodes Scholar and graduate of Stanford University and Yale Law School won his seat in a 2013 special election following the death of five-term Democratic senator Frank Lautenberg – becoming the first African American sent to the upper chamber by the Garden States’ voters.

Before joining the Senate, Booker the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey. He also served four years on the Newark Municipal Council on behalf of the city’s Central Ward.

2024 Democratic Primary Odds:

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Progressive by Comparison

Sen. Booker has been on politically-oriented people’s minds for over a decade.

He’s a highly talented orator with a quick wit, good looks, and the kind of stellar resume we’ve come to expect from the generation of contenders emerging from the Democratic Party currently.

Democrats: Next Generation

He’s a highly talented orator with a quick wit, good looks, and the kind of stellar resume we’ve come to expect from the generation of contenders emerging from the Democratic Party currently.

Ranging in age from approximately 35 to 55 years old, these Democrats are entering their electoral primes and are most distinctive by how noticeably (and dramatically) Barack Obama influenced them.

Like most of his peers, the New Jersey Senator is primarily a corporatist who wraps his message in progressive language and social issues.

He might move you to tears with a passionate speech about the criminal justice system, climate change, or wealth inequality – and may publicly advocate for leftist solutions to the problems – but he’s an establishment Democrat first-and-foremost.

At the end of the day, he won’t cross the donor class in any meaningful way. There will always be another Mitch McConnell or Joe Manchin blocking the bill from passing or some procedural explanation for why nothing of material consequence ever gets signed into law.

Still, between making the “Fight for Medicare for All” one of his 2020 campaign policies, supporting troop withdrawals from Afghanistan, and acknowledging the destructive impact of globalism on American workers, Booker leans further left than most of his fellow establishment-approved Democratic hopefuls, which isn’t saying much.

Bernie Sanders was so much further left than everyone else last election cycle; it forced most of the field into the same middle lane– more “reasonable” than Bernie, more progressive than Biden. Without a true successor, the Vermont Senator’s absence will give Sen. Booker more opportunities to separate himself from other Democrats.

Otherwise, he risks continually getting lost in the pack. The first step to avoiding a repeat of 2020 is to stop channeling Barack Obama.

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The Obama Clone Problem

Unfortunately, for Cory Booker, he became a presidential contender at the worst possible time in history to receive maximum returns on the product the New Jersey Senator brings to the table. Hypnotic charisma and idealistic speeches aren’t qualities that mesmerize American voters anymore.

They haven’t been as impressive since Barack Obama left office.

Desperate for Substance Over Style

As Americans’ material conditions worsen and wealth inequality explodes, they’ve grown increasingly impatient with flowery promises without tangible policies or plans attached to them.

Maybe the electorate’s shifting demands are the direct result of President Obama’s disappointing tenure.

The Barack Obama from the 2007 campaign trail was almost Messiah-like in his ability to charm and instill a belief in voters that actual systemic change was not only possible but that he could make it happen – and all within the rules of contemporary US politics.

Nobody’s ever electrified the masses like that first Obama run.

Then he got elected, immediately let Citibank choose his entire cabinet, and negotiated the most egregious upward transfer of wealth in human history (pre-COVID) in response to the nation’s Great Recession.

Optimistic visions of the future and polished presentations have been overrated ever since.

I doubt it’s a coincidence that 2020 Democratic primary voters resoundingly rejected at least four candidates running identical campaigns and doing their best Obama impersonations.

Cory Booker was one of the perpetrators, along with Pete Buttigieg, Beto O’Rourke, Julian Castro, and you could argue Kamala Harris. They copied his speech patterns and voice inflections and shared equally hopeful messages.

They even stressed the importance of compromise in Obama-like terms.

“Compromise” in this context is code for “none of our donors will allow us to support popular progressive policies like single-payer healthcare, so we’re framing them as unrealistic ‘purity tests’ and ourselves as pragmatic dealmakers instead of corporatists.”

The final ingredient is to go all-in on polarizing social issues.

If you can’t deliver populous policies, polarizing social issues is where you draw a line between your establishment Democrat selves and Republicans.

Without that separation, the two parties are nearly indistinguishable from each other – not the kind of revelation our leaders want the American people to have.

Sen. Booker needs a new playbook for 2024.

Assuming Joe Biden retires, he’ll compete against Vice President Kamala Harris and at least one other Obama clone from last election cycle. To remain in good standing with the Democratic donor class, Booker will be limited in the policies he can champion – so the changes will need to come from the aesthetic side of things.

He’d be wise to hire veterans of Bernie Sanders’s last two campaigns.

  • They’ve mastered the art of cultivating massive, grassroots fundraising machines. The reliance upon small donors to the exclusion of corporate donors breeds trust and fools less informed voters into buying the progressive illusion.
  • Booker would benefit greatly from the public drawing parallels between himself and Sen. Sanders. His goal should be to create the most accurate facsimile of authentic left-wing populist movements. By making himself Bernie’s de facto successor – regardless of the Vermont Senator’s input – Cory’s odds of capturing the youth vote should improve significantly.

Only — thanks to the New Jersey Senator’s underlying corporatism and solid standing within the Democratic Party’s power structure, he can sell the “Bernie experience” without the DNC and their media machine actively sabotaging his campaign!

If anything, they’ll be beyond enthused about helping co-opt the Sanders energy for establishment purposes.

Primary vs. General Election Campaigns

I’m oddly higher on Sen. Booker’s chances in a general election than the Democratic primaries, making him a troublesome betting option.

Against a controversial Republican opponent in the Trump vain, Booker’s political polish and polite charisma will be received favorably by the suburban voters Democrats are now building their electoral strategies around.

The primary race raises more challenging issues for the Senator.

  • For one, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the biggest obstacles in Booker’s way.
  • The highest probability scenarios involve VP Harris running unopposed as the incumbent (Biden steps down during 1st term) or as President Biden’s chosen heir when he doesn’t seek reelection.
  • In either case, trying to replace a member of the current administration on top of the ticket without party leaders’ approval will be immensely unpopular.
  • If Kamala is the sitting President, vying to unseat the first woman of color to occupy the Oval Office would be political suicide.

Should Booker find himself in a situation where Biden is gone and party officials have concerns about Harris’s ability to lead the Democratic ticket, he’ll hope to avoid candidates with better leftist bonafides.

Cory does not want to see Elizabeth Warren on the campaign trail. She’ll absorb too many former Bernie Sanders supporters.

Again — to find success against fellow Democrats, the Senator must convince primary voters that he’s the most progressive choice – with major bonus points for projecting a slight anti-establishment vibe.

To be possible, he needs to face a particular kind of competition – preferably rigid, unabashedly pro-establishment centrists.

Could Cory Booker Become President in 2024?

If he miraculously clears all those primary hurdles, all Booker has to do is win a one-on-one versus what’s likely to be a Trump Republican, if not the former President himself.

The GOP has the opposite problem as Sen. Booker: to win their party’s primary, a candidate must secure MAGA voters’ backing. Except, an advantageous association with Trump in the primary becomes a liability in the general election.

Whatever mobilization of conservative voters the former President inspires is offset by an equal, if not more energized, anti-Trump reaction.

Assuming Booker faces a proud Trump endorsee in the 2024 presidential election, all the New Jersey Senator must do is subtly revert to his more centrist ideologies and project sanity, stability, and reason in the face of another “Trumpian madman.”

Run a safe, quiet campaign, minimize risk and essentially let the Trump acolyte sink themselves (with the help of an ever-hysterical liberal media, of course).

Should he catch a series of fortunate breaks and play his cards right when opportunities arise, the White House is well within Cory Booker’s reach.