CSGO Flashpoint Preview S2

Even though Intel Extreme Masters Season XV Beijing-Haidian has just started, it’s not the only massive CSGO event going on these days. There’s another, arguably far more prominent even that’s set to start in just a couple of days.

Yep, as the heading suggests, we’re talking about the second season of Flashpoint! Flashpoint S2 betting is already in demand, but considering the problems the inaugural season had, should CSGO betting fans even consider betting on the second Flashpoint season?

Well, the biggest issue earlier this year was the acquisition of top-tier teams.

B Site and FACEIT did a good job with swaying several top-tier sides to opt for their competition over ESL Pro League… but in the end, it wasn’t enough. FPX roster issues, MIBR playing on both events, and a relatively problematic lack of competitiveness are what described the inaugural Flashpoint season.

Not everything was that bleak, though! There were good sides to the inaugural seasons; mostly in the form of new teams and players that came to a massive popularity leap, as well as surging demand for betting options.

The same is expected to happen again! Flashpoint S2 betting opportunities are already widely available online, and once the event starts, they’re bound to rapidly grow in numbers.

But, enough with the intro! Let’s start analyzing this event and see what sort of CSGO betting options it brings to the table!

Interesting Facts

  • Competing Teams: 12
  • Dates: 10th November to sixth December 2020
  • Location: Online/Europe
  • Stream: Flashpoint Twitch Channel
  • Outright Favorites: BIG, OG
  • Dark Horses: Fnatic, MIBR

Event Format

Flashpoint Season 2 kicks off with three double-elimination groups with four teams in each. All group stage matches will be played in best of three system, with the top two teams from each group advancing straight to the playoffs.

Next up we have the last chance stage which features all third-place teams and the best fourth-place team. There will be two Bo3 matches and the winners advance to the playoffs.

The playoffs are set in a double-elimination bracket and are Bo3 from start to finish. Unfortunately, we won’t see any Bo5’s here… I guess we can’t have it all.

Where to Bet on Flashpoint S2 | Best CSGO Betting Sites in 2020

It’s 2020, guys! No one should have problems with finding websites that offer betting on CSGO and other esports titles. Why is that so? Well, there are just too many options to choose from – online bookmakers are everywhere, and joining one is relatively straightforward.

However, finding great online bookmakers; those that support CSGO betting online to be more precise, might not be that simple. The number of bookmakers is massive; we’ve already said that… and while that’s a good thing for the esports betting industry as a whole, it has its downsides too. Unfortunately, a good portion of online bookmakers doesn’t provide a good esports betting experience, which is why you have to take your time with that decision.

Check out all the angles so you can make the best possible decision that suits all your needs. It might take some time, especially if you want to make sure you opt for a good bookie. There’s a shortcut – check out this guide on CSGO betting sites and you’ll see the best all-rounders. It’s best to check each of them individually so you can match them with your desires and expectations.

Flashpoint S2 Betting Preview | Team Storylines

Knowing teams’ recent results, roster alterations and individual form is of crucial importance for all wannabe esports bettors.

That’s just a part of the story, though – stuff like map depth, permaban options, and positional mismatches make up the other half. Betting on CSGO is complex, but if you’re serious about your investment, you’ll have to get a grasp on all of the above.

Storylines are always a great place to start, so let’s focus on the six most interesting teams that will be participating in the second season of Flashpoint!


Cloud 9 LogoLet’s start our discussion with Cloud9! For those of you who haven’t been paying attention to pro CS lately, Cloud9 had serious drama late last month. Long story short, they terminated the contracts of JT, motm, Sonic and T.c. for violating their contracts.

More precisely, they kept inviting guests to the team house which was putting C9 staff at risk. You can find out more by checking out this piece.

Back to Cloud9 – the NA org didn’t waste any time with bringing new players in. At that point, they were lacking just one player to complete the roster. The money-ball came down to Astralis’ es3tag.

The Danish trickster joined on October 25th to play alongside woxic, mezii, ALEX, and floppy.

All in all, Cloud9’s roster looks pretty good now. They’ve completely dropped their NA stars and will be looking to become a fully-fledged European team. Another thing worth mentioning is the fact Kassad signed up for the coaching position in early September. That could be another important fact for the future of this Cloud9 roster. A proper task is right up ahead – if they manage to reach the playoffs through group C, they’ll be in for a proper run later on!


Gen.G LogoGen.G is in a world of trouble right now! With just three days until their first Flashpoint S2 match, Gen.G only has three players in their active roster – automatic, koosta, and BnTeT. Daps and s0m stepped down from the roster and went to pursue careers elsewhere. S0m switched to Valorant and daps is still biding his time until a proper position opens up.

The thing with Gen.G; the thing that ought to mess up their Flashpoint performance, is the lack of competitive matches. Their last competitive match dates all the way back to September 22nd.

Yep, that’s a month and a half without any sort of competitive gigs – that’s bound to take a toll on their performance.

Not to mention the fact they’re still missing two players. Who might they opt for? Well, I’d have several players to point out if Gen.G was still in NA. Since Flashpoint is based in Europe, I honestly don’t know what to expect from Gen.G. On the bright side, we’ll find everything out in a matter of days!


OG Esports LogoIn my books, OG and BIG are the two biggest contenders to win the second season of Flashpoint. Heck, if you’re going bet on Flashpoint S2, OG should be one of your go-to teams for match-winner options!

They’re fielding an impressive roster, they’re in great form, and this sort of a format typically suits their playstyle.

Mantuu is in sick form at the moment; valde and ISSA haven’t been bad either, and the same can be said about ex ENCE star Aleksib.

NBK needs to step his game up. If he does just that, OG could easily reach the grand finals.

The only bad thing for OG is the fact they’re in group B with Virtus.pro, Cloud9, and Gen.G. While the latter shouldn’t pose as too big of a threat considering the issues they’re battling at the moment, Virtus.pro and Cloud9 are ready to perform! The outcome of group C is going to be rather interesting, no matter which teams qualify for the playoffs.


BIG Esports LogoBIG has been a force to be reckoned with in Europe! TabseN and the boys had an absolute blast this summer. Heck, for a short period, they were at the top of the world. Their form has dropped since then, though, and that has to be emphasized, especially if you’re going to indulge in Flashpoint S2 betting.

Despite that, they’re still considered as the heavy favorites to take the Flashpoint Season 2 title. Unfortunately for the German organization, the competition will not be lacking. The likes of MAD Lions, Fnatic, and MIBR are already eyeing the title, not just because of the lucrative prize pool reward, but because of the sheer prestige. To be frank with you, I’m not sure which one I favor more.

Back to BIG and their chances of winning the second season of B Site and FACEIT’s joint venture! One thing is certain – BIG will have plenty of competition. Their players will have to at their absolute best from start to finish if they are to win the title and go down in history books. If you’re into Flashpoint S2 betting, that’s going to important info for your upcoming betting campaigns.


Mibr LogoThe might Brazilians are back… or so it seems! The legendary roster featuring the very Gods of Brazilian CSGO is no more.

It’s dead – it’s past tense! We’re not looking at a complete rebrand of the Brazilian organization, retaining only the core of the legendary roster that pushed them to great heights not just in the region but worldwide too.

Can this new MIBR fulfill people’s expectations or perhaps even exceed them?

Well, it’s too early to draw concrete conclusions based on the three BLAST Premier Fall matches they’ve played thus far. Their displays were good, though. Most importantly, they managed to beat FURIA, their biggest rivals in Brazil. That’s something the electric Brazilian CSGO community will rejoice about – the return of competitive MIBR.

However, a lot of things about this new MIBR roster revolve around their performance in the second season of Flashpoint. By looking at the quality of the teams, MIBR’s expectations ought to be sky-high. They’re going to be disappointed if they don’t qualify for the playoffs, that’s for sure… though I’m confident in their ability to close out matches against Envy and ForZe. As for the playoffs, unfortunately, I don’t think MIBR will go that far.


Fnatic LogoFnatic is one of the best teams that are set to compete on the second season of Flashpoint. According to bookies’ outright winner betting odds, Fnatic are the fourth favorites to take the title, right behind BIG, Virtus.pro, and OG.

What sort of displays can we expect from Fnatic, though?

Can they pose a threat far into the playoffs?

Well, their roster is strong, well-capable across all departments. The only thing they’re lacking is consistency.

2020 hasn’t been that easy on them, and it shows. If they can build upon what seems to be a great base, they might go far here.

They’ll need both Brollan and KRIMZ to perform at the top level. Golden and JW haven’t been at their best, which will need to change if Fnatic is to go through to the playoffs. What are your thoughts on Fnatic’s chances in group A? I honestly think they’ll go through, but it will be a much tighter contest than most people think.

Group Stage Betting Predictions

Let’s cut straight to the chase here; let’s check out Flashpoint S2 betting tips for the group stage!

Group A Tips

Group A is all but straightforward! Yes, Fnatic should finish at the top spot, but it will be far from a cruise. C0ntact Gaming is always a tough team to beat. EspiranTo and ottoNd are still there; you might remember them for their performances on StarLadder Major in Berlin. Back then, they were playing under CR4ZY colors with hunter and nexa… and we all know where those two ended up shortly after the major.

Please Note:

You’d expect MAD Lions, season one champions, to finish second, but it will be a two-way, perhaps even a three-way battle, assuming DIgnitas and C0ntact skid down to the lower bracket round one.

Unfortunately, there are no group stage long-terms available under Flashpoint S2 betting markets. Outright winner odds are there, though, so I guess something is better than nothing, right? So, what should you make of these group stage betting tips? Well, think of them more like guidelines for group stage matches. Detailed picks are coming soon, don’t worry!

Group B Tips

BIG ought to top group B in three matches! They’re going up against MIBR in the opening round. The Brazilians went through a complete roster overhaul and are still trying to find their pace. I’m not saying they won’t sync up; all I’m saying is that it won’t happen soon.

Upper bracket finals should be between ForZe and BIG, and if the last head to head match a good indicator, BIG will slide to the group stage finals. Most folks seems to favor forZe as the second-place team here, I fancy the Brazilians.

As I said earlier, they’re still fresh off the overhaul, but they’ve already surprised everyone by taking a map off Astralis, beating FURIA, and giving G2 a proper run for their money.

Group C Tips

Group C is the group of death, no doubt about that! Honestly, to all you Flashpoint S2 betting enthusiasts reading this – perhaps betting on group C isn’t the best idea! You got Virtus.pro, you got Cloud9 – both pose as proper title contenders. Then you have OG and Gen.G, two classy sides one of which is in top form (OG).

Assuming both favorites win opening-round matches (Virtus.pro and OG), Jame and the boys should have the upper hand. As for the second-place predictions, I’ll be smart about it and won’t give any concrete tips.

I’ll just say that all three teams believe they have excellent odds at qualifying for the playoffs… and the fun part is – none of them is wrong.

Outright Betting on Flashpoint Season 2

Finally, after months of drought, we have a proper set of outright winner odds! Yep, Flashpoint S2 betting options include outrights, meaning you can bet on the event winner right away. It starts in roughly 48 hours so you better hurry up – chances are the outrights will disappear as soon as the opening-round matches kick off.

As stated earlier, BIG is the favorite to win this one. But, the odds are quite surprising:

Team Odds
BIG +300
Virtus.pro +325
OG +350
Fnatic +550
Cloud9 +800
MAD Lions +1000
MIBR +1300
ForZe +1500

If you’re going with an outright wager, BIG is your best option. The value is there, that’s for sure! I know they’ve dropped in form, but they’re still a force to be reckoned with and shouldn’t have any issues with most of the opposition.

If you want a low-stake high-reward option, go for MIBR! They’re at +1300 which is a great incentive. Let’s hope MIBR keeps building on their BLAST Premier Fall displays!