Wow. What. A. Game. If, for some reason, you missed any piece of last night’s game four classic between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Tampa Bay Rays, let me catch you up to speed, as you missed an all-time great game. The final play of the night will forever go down as one of the wildest plays we have ever seen in the World Series, but if all you saw was the final play highlights, you are doing the rest of the game a disservice, and this game was action-packed from the first pitch.

The game was a back and forth affair that saw the lead change several times and history made all over the field. Corey Seager tied the all-time record for the most home runs in a single postseason, when he jacked his eighth bomb of the playoffs in the second inning, to give the Dodgers an early lead. But that record didn’t hold up long, as Ray’s rookie sensation Randy Arozarena smashed his ninth homer of the postseason just a couple of innings later, to set a new standard for postseason power.

In the ninth, LA closer Kenley Jansen had to have obliterated the record for the most times that Dodgers fans screamed not again at the television at the same time, when Dave Roberts brought him into the game to give it away, again. I texted my buddy, who is a diehard Rays fans (yes, they do exists), at the start of the bottom of the ninth, and said, don’t worry, bro, Kenley Jansen absolutely loves to blow games, you got this. Jansen proved me right when he promptly gave up two runs in the bottom of the ninth to give the Rays a series saving victory.

Now, to the final play. Down a run with two runners on and two outs, Brett Phillips was called upon to pinch-hit with the game on the line. Philips managed to shoot a base hit back up the middle that was going to plate the tying run.

But after centerfielder Chris Taylor bobbled the ball in the outfield, and catcher Will Smith couldn’t handle the throw at the plate, it allowed Randy Arozarena to stumble and roll to the plate for the game-winning, walk-off run. It was the first plate appearance of the series for Brett Phillips, and it will go down in history as one that is never forgotten.

Amid all of the explosive action in game four, we also managed to pick up a couple of nice prop bet wins. For the third straight game, we backed Randy Arozarena to get a hit, and for the third straight game, he cashed our ticket. In fact, he won that bet three times over, as he picked up three hits in the game. We also picked up the free money on the Dodgers over 4.5 runs. For game five, we are going to bring you five more prop bets that you need to make now on World Series game five!

Randy Arozarena Over .5 Hits -159

As I just mentioned, I am a huge Randy Arozarena fan, and I have backed him in three straight games to get a hit, and he has yet to disappoint. The rookie set the all-time playoff home run record last night, picked up three hits, and scored the game-winning run. If somehow you didn’t know this kid’s name before game four, you absolutely know it now.

Arozarena is now hitting .377 in the playoffs. This kid was only called up in September to help the Rays with their stretch run, and he now has more postseason at-bats than he had in the regular season, and he is quickly becoming a superstar.

Only time will tell if this is some fluky start to a disappointing career or if this guy is the next big thing, but right now, he is the most exciting player on the field in a series that features several of the best players in baseball. Move over Mookie Betts and Cody Bellinger, right now, Randy Arozarena is the best player in this World Series.

Despite being on fire at the plate, the odds for Arozarena to get a hit are still laughably undervalued. When you compare his -159 price to other players in this game like Mookie Betts (-230), Corey Seager (-240), Justin Turner (-205), Manuel Margot (-175), you have to wonder what the books must be thinking, pricing him so low? None of those guys are hitting .377 in the playoffs like Arozarena is, and the Rays rookie leads all players in postseason hits this year, by a wide margin.

Well, as a handicapper, I have one job, and that is to take advantage of bad lines. And this, folks, is a bad line. Arozarena is having his A Star is Born moment right now, and I can’t imagine not wanting to back him to get at least one knock in this game. The fact that the last time he failed to get a hit in a game was in game one of this series, when tonight’s starter for LA, Clayton Kershaw, was pitching, is likely what is keeping this number manageable, but I won’t let that phase me, as I am all aboard the Randy Arozarena hype train.

Randy Arozarena To Win World Series MVP +1000

I like Randy Arozarena’s chances of winning the World Series MVP Award after his huge performance last night. I know, shocker, right? I have a bit of a man-crush of this kid right now, and he is a lot of fun to watch play. There are currently six players priced ahead of Arozarena to win the World Series MVP Award, and all I can say to that, is huh?

Five of those six players play for the Dodgers, which tells me that the books are still convinced that the Dodgers aren’t going to blow this series, despite the fact that is what they always do late in the season. The MVP winner always comes from the winning team, so if you think the Dodgers are going to win the series, then I can kinda sorta understand why you would price so many LA players ahead of him.

But when you stack Randy’s stats side by side with some of these guys, the price does seem a bit absurd. Mookie Betts is priced as the second-favorite at +400 right now. Arozarena has more hits, homers, runs, walks, and fewer strikeouts than Betts. Betts is hitting a whopping .142 points below him in the series. Mookie does have four stolen bases, but when is the last time we gave someone an MVP Award for stealing bags?

There is still a lot of work left to be done in this series, and nobody has the MVP locked up yet. But at this jumbo price, it is shocking that I can get a kid who is clearly the face of the franchise right now for Tampa Bay, at such a juicy price. He has a flair for the dramatic, and if he can keep it up and the Rays can win this series, Arozarena is taking home the series highest honors.

Corey Seager Over .5 Runs +105

We just talked about Randy Arozarena winning the World Series MVP Award if the Rays win the series. If the Dodgers win the series, the odds-on favorite to take home the MVP honors is Corey Seager. Seager is having an absolutely fantastic series and postseason for the Dodgers. To see that I can get him at dog money to score a run seems like a really nice spot, as this guy seems to always find a way to score.

Seager is averaging more than one run scored a game in sixteen postseason games, as he has nineteen runs scored. His eight home runs are tied for the second-most ever in a single postseason, and he has driven in eighteen runs. Seager has scored six runs in the first four games of this series, including three last night. The best way to score runs consistently is to get on base a lot, and nobody is doing a better job of that in this series than Corey Seager is.

In eighteen total at-bats, Seager has a batting average of .500 and an on-base percentage of .632. I would say those are video game numbers, but to be honest, even in a video game, these numbers would be absurd. The Dodgers have shown that if Seager can get on base, their murderer’s row of masher hitting behind him, can drive him in.

With guys like Max Muncy, who leads this series in total RBI with five, Justin Turner, and Cody Bellinger hitting right behind him, Seager knows that f he can get on base, he is going to have a shot at scoring each and every time.

In game one against Rays starter Tyler Glasnow, Seager got on base three times and scored a run. It is hard to fade a guy that is getting on-base north of 60% of the time, and similar to Arozarena, I have little choice but to back the hot hand and expect more of the same out of Seager tonight.

Los Angeles Dodgers To Score First -177

In game one, the Dodgers hammered Rays starter Tyler Glasnow for six runs in just four, and a third innings worked. Glasnow really struggled with his command as he walked six guys. Since that game, the Dodgers have scored runs in the first inning in each of the last two games. LA knows how to hit Glasnow, and they have been scoring early and often in this series. That tells me that they are going to score first in this game and that they are the side to back at a reasonable price.

I have a lot of concerns about Dodgers starter Clayton Kershaw in this game. After seeing the Dodgers playoff demons show back up last night in a spectacular late-inning collapse, there can’t be any Dodgers fans out there that didn’t wake up with an uneasy feeling in their gut this morning, knowing that Kershaw was going to be starting tonight in what has turned into a must-win game. But when you look at Kershaw’s long history of blowing up in the playoffs, they almost all come late in games.

Kershaw has actually been mostly great in the playoffs, until the sixth or seventh inning. For some unexplainable reason, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts likes to play with fire and leave him in the games too long, every single time he pitches, despite getting burned on it time and again. You would think that Dave Roberts would learn his lesson eventually, but after seeing him go with Kenley Jansen in the ninth last night, when every Dodger’s fan in the world was screaming at their TV to not do it, tells me that Roberts just doesn’t get it and that he is going to hang Kershaw out to dry again tonight in game five.

But, all of that being said, Kershaw will very likely be great again early in this game. The first time through the lineup, Kershaw is just about unhittable. He should be able to hold the Rays back long enough for his lineup to plate a run against Tyler Glasnow and cash our ticket.

And who knows, maybe LA will score in the first inning again tonight, for the third straight game, and it won’t even matter what Kershaw does, as we will have our bet locked up before he even takes the mound. Either way it ends up working out, you can bank on the Dodgers scoring the first run tonight.

Tampa Bay Rays To Win The Series 4-3 +330

Somehow, the Los Angeles Dodgers always seem to find a way to lose in the playoffs, despite the fact that they have had the most talented team in the game for the last several years. Last night’s implosion was just another example of the Dodgers mysteriously giving games away in the postseason.

It hasn’t been all that long since the Dodgers won a world title, although many of you reading this article probably weren’t alive the last time the Boys in Blue were world champs, as their last win came in 1988, but this feels a lot like the long-standing curses that we saw plague the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs.

For nearly a hundred years, the Cubs and Red Sox always found a way to lose when all logic and reason said that they should have won. That is the exact same phenomenon we have seen out of the Dodgers in the last 30+ years. It doesn’t make any sense, but that doesn’t stop it from happening time and again. After seeing this play out again last night, it feels like this season ends in tragedy again for Dodger’s fans.

If you are on board with the Rays winning this series like I am, you have three different ways you can bet on Tampa Bay to win their first-ever World Series title. You can bet them to win the World Series right now at +150.

With this bet, it doesn’t matter how Tampa Bay wins the series, just that they do. And while I think that the Rays find a way to pull off the upset, we are already sitting at game five. There just aren’t very many ways Tampa Bay can win this series right now.

The Rays can win the series in six games or in seven games. That’s it. When I check the prop bet lines on the Rays winning the series in six games, I see I can get the Rays at +380. For Tampa Bay to win the series in seven games, the line is +330. As those are the only two ways Tampa Bay can win this series, I am going to pick one and take a shot at a jumbo payout.

This just feels like a seven-game series. Both Tyler Glasnow and Blake Snell struggled in their previous starts against the Dodgers, with neither guy making it out of the fifth inning before getting yanked. I would have to think that one of those guys is going to lose a start. If I had to pick one, I would say that Snell loses in game six, forcing game seven.

Ray’s starter Charlie Morton has a legendary record in elimination games in the playoffs, and the Rays will almost for sure put him on the mound in game seven. Morton didn’t pitch well in his lone start of this series, but he has a long history of being unhittable in must-win games, and I think he takes care of business in game seven and leads his team to the title. A lot has to happen to cash this ticket, but at +330, it is well worth a play!

Wrap Up

The 2020 Major League Baseball World Series is proving to be one of the most exciting series in recent memory. It has been a true David vs. Goliath series, and the Rays just refuse to go away. Make sure you don’t miss a minute of action in tonight’s game five, and there is no better way to sweat a game than to have action on it, so make your bets now. Thanks for reading, and make sure you stay tuned to TheSportsGeek, where we bring you all the sharp betting advice you need to make money betting on the 2020 Major League Baseball World Series!