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Well, this is it, ladies and gentlemen – the wait is no more! In roughly a week, we’re getting the first proper CSGO event this year. And it’s a pretty big occasion – BLAST Premier Global Finals. We’re looking at a $1 million event here that features eight top-notch teams ready to give 120% cometh the first round of matches.

Of course, we at Thesportsgeek are all about betting! Not just betting on conventional sports but all sorts of esports too. CSGO betting belongs to the upper echelons which is why it needs every bit of exposure. With our BLAST Premier Global Finals betting preview, we hope we won’t just hype the event but give CSGO bettors plenty of info and stuff to think about ahead of their first 2021 CSGO betting adventure.

That said, let’s dive into the problematics here by checking out some valuable BLAST Premier Global Finals betting tips. No worries, we’ll give you in-depth looks at all eight participants further down the line.

BLAST Premier Global Finals Betting Tips

Whether you’re a total beginner or you’re a seasoned CSGO betting veteran, you ought to appreciate the following 2021 CSGO betting tips:

Should I Bet on BLAST Premier Global Finals?

Well, there’s a definitive answer to this one – yes, you should! BLAST Premier Global Finals betting opportunity is one of the biggest ones in 2021. The only bigger one will be the upcoming Major that’s bound to set new records in terms of the prize pool, production quality, and betting demand.

So yeah, long story short – if you’re into CSGO betting then I see no reason why you should stay away from betting on BLAST Premier Global Finals.

Which CSGO Bookies to Use in 2021?

The list of good bookies is pretty short these days. Believe it or not, the more esports bookies there are, the worse their average quality is. I’m not even kidding here guys, most new esports bookmakers are not worth your time. The esports betting experience they provide is subpar to the one offered by older, more reputable options.

If you’re not sure which CSGO bookmaker to use for your BLAST Premier Global Finals betting endeavors, checking out our in-depth article on CSGO bookmakers ought to be of crucial importance.

Which CSGO Specials are Typically Available?

Match-winners are by far the most popular betting options for CSGO. Still, that doesn’t mean you should concentrate only on them and nothing else. There are plenty of special CSGO betting options you should use to diversify your accumulators and find a better value. We’re talking about interesting stuff here, stuff you could really use to spice up your watching experience.

Here’s a short list featuring the most popular options:

  • Outright winner
  • Region of winner
  • Total maps over/under
  • Total rounds over/under
  • Team to win both pistol rounds

Outright Betting on BLAST Premier Global Finals

Most CSGO betting sites that care for their reputation already feature outright betting on BLAST Premier Global Finals. The event starts in roughly a week so now is the perfect time to place your outrights. Here’s what the odds should look like:

Astralis +180
Vitality +250
NaVi +500
FURIA +800
G2 +900
EG +1300
Liquid +1400
Complexity +1500

Event Format and Schedule Explained

Let’s start with the most important stuff – the opening round of matches starts on January 19th! BLAST Premier Global Finals will last through January 24th. The event is going to pan out in a double-elimination bracket with Bo3 matches from start to finish. Nope, we’re not going to see a Bo5 grand finals here.

As stated earlier, there’s $1 million in prize money. The official prize pool distribution can be found right down below:

1st $600,000
2nd $200,000
3rd $80,000
4th $50,000
5th – 6th $20,000
7th – 8th $15,000

Unfortunately, the opening-round matchups haven’t been officially announced just yet so we can’t tell you more. Once we do get the much-needed opening-round info, we’ll be sure to follow up with concrete CSGO betting tips.

Global Finals 2019 Recap

Do you guys remember last year’s BLAST Global Finals? BLAST Pro Series was the name of RFRSH Entertainment’s CSGO series back then. It was a smaller event, packing $500,000 in prize money and just four teams – Astralis, Liquid, NiP, and Faze.

The event was held in Riffa, Bahrain at the gorgeous ISA Sports City venue from December 12thth. Astralis ended as the winning team following their triumph over Team Liquid in the grand finals. Astralis and Team Liquid are set to compete again… although it would be a real surprise to see them square off in the grand finals seeing as Liquid’s form isn’t that good despite their recent IEM XV Global Challenge efforts.

BLAST Global Finals | Storylines

This time around, though, we have eight top-quality competitors. Four of them found their way through the seasonal finals; the other four qualified via BLAST Premier Circuit standings. Quality-wise, we’re looking at the best of what the CSGO scene had to offer last year. True, perhaps BIG could’ve stepped in instead of Complexity who had to undergo roster alterations (forced) since their triumph at the European Spring Finals… but hey, what do I know – perhaps Complexity will be the biggest surprise of the event?

Anyways, let’s cut the introductory section short here and focus on the eight teams that are bound to facilitate thrilling BLAST Premier Global Finals betting action!


Complexity Gaming LogoLet’s start off with the team that no one really expects anything from – Complexity. I know, I know, I’m being harsh on the NA org, but it has to be said. Out of all eight participating teams, Complexity is in my books by far the weakest one. Bookies share my thoughts, all of them agree Complexity are the worst team out of the bunch. The odds aren’t that much higher than Liquid’s, but that’s a testament for Liquid’s poor 2020 displays more than anything else.

Don’t get me wrong, Complexity would have had an amazing 2020 if it weren’t for oBo’s departure in September. But, that wasn’t the only forced roster alteration. Poizon, the Bulgarian AWPer, had to undergo an emergency medical procedure in December and we still don’t have a confirmation he’ll be participating on the upcoming BLAST Premier Global Finals.

Performance-wise, BlameF was Complexity’s best player in 2020. The Danish rifler had an amazing season, but I reckon the Aussie specialist is going to outplay him this year. Jks’ arrival has brought forth numerous opportunities for Complexity. Even though they’re labeled as the outright outsider here, if they kick off with a proper upset, their snowballing potential could skyrocket them well into the bracket.

What should we expect from Complexity here?

Should you include them in your BLAST Premier Global Finals betting tickets? Well, I wouldn’t bet on them in the opening round no matter who they play against. But, if they happen to snatch a win, they could be a high-value pick in the upper bracket semis.


Team Vitality Esports LogoNext up, Vitality! The Frenchmen were one of the most consistent teams last year. However, they had a nasty habit they just couldn’t get rid of – losing in grand finals. Yep, Vitality have played in seven grand finals in 2020 but only won two events (BLAST Premier Fall and IEM XV Beijing EU). They have a great thing going on, all of their players are in great form, they just lack the finishing touches.

They are not the first nor will they be the last European team dealing with closure issues. Their inability to close out events should alarm you not to bet on them in the final stages. Typically, though, Vitality is a force to be reckoned with early on.

Roster-wise, Vitality is one of a few European teams that used a six-man roster last season. They mixed things up with misutaa and nivera, though we’re expecting more substitution diversity in 2021.

ZywOo was once again the MVP of the year. He’s consistently brilliant, no other way to put it. He just signed a new contract which keeps him at Vitality until 2024. If they can get one good player in and mix things up even more with a seven-man roster, I could see Vitality taking the next step this season!

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses Esports LogoWe haven’t seen a lot from Evil Geniuses in 2020. Sure, they did jump past Team Liquid in NA, but so did FURIA. EG had the perfect opportunity to assert dominance in the region, but it’s safe to say the fiery Brazilians stole the show. Truth be told, EG did win BLAST premier Spring American Finals, CS_summit 6 NA, and ESL One Cologne NA… but other performances were pretty unimpressive… especially considering Liquid’s poor track record.

But, Liquid made somewhat of a comeback late last year, reaching the grand finals of the IEM XV Global Challenge. They did get beaten by Astralis, but reaching the grand finals of a notable event is something Liquid had failed to do time and time again before that dreamy December night.

The question is, can Evil Geniuses make a comeback too?

Even if they are to make a comeback in 2021, I reckon it won’t be on this event. They’re going to have a tough time getting back into proper competitive mode since they haven’t really been that active late last year. That ought to be a double-edged sword. So yeah, as far as your BLAST Premier Global Finals betting endeavors are concerned, you might want to avoid betting on EG.


Astralis Esports LogoThe Great Danes are back, ladies and gentlemen. And their status is absolutely scary for the other teams right now. You see, with xyp9x and gla1ve feeling refreshed, with Bubzkji as the sixth man and with gla1ve back at the IGL spot, Astralis is in the perfect position to cement their GOAT title! 2021 could be the year we see Astralis rise above the old Fnatic roster many still label as the GOAT.

What has Astralis accomplish in 2020? Well, they’ve won four notable titles and finished at the top of BLAST Premier circuit 2020. From the looks of things, they ought to be able to finish 2020 off (and kickstart 2021 at the same time) with BLAST Premier Global Finals title.

Please Note:

They are the heavy favorites, though I can’t really advise you to bet on Astralis to win outright. The odds just aren’t worth your money, to be precise.

And that’s pretty much it – we’re all done with Astralis here. There are still four more teams to go through before finishing our BLAST Premier Global Finals betting preview!

Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere Esports LogoS1mple and the company should be pretty happy with how their 2020 went by. They kicked things off on the right foot by winning IEM XV World Championship. Prior to that, they had a very close call on ICE Challenge where they lost against Mousesports in the grand finals. However, they only had one more title in 2020, not counting the Gamers Without Borders show.

Why should they be happy then? Well, their overall performances and consistency were on an admirable level.

Just take the last three months as the perfect example. Second place on ESL Pro League S12 EU, fourth place on IEM XV NY CIS, second place on IEM XV Beijing, fourth place on BLAST Premier Fall, and semifinal loss against Astralis on IEM XV Global Challenge. Talk about consistency against some of Europe’s finest, huh?

What’s there to be said about NaVi’s roster. Well, I guess I could point out that S1mple had another fantastic year to his tally. He and ZywOo are just a level above everyone else as far as consistency and epic fragging are concerned. Is S1mple in for more of the same in 2021 too? Well, I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

G2 Esports

G2 Esports LogoG2 Esports ought to be a force to be reckoned with in 2021! Their 2020 wasn’t too bad. They were among the best European teams, continuously posing as giant-killers but ending up without a single notable title. They had a couple of close encounters, three grand final losses in the first half of the year, coupled with two semifinals later on.

The thing is:

We’re talking about a new era of G2 here. I’m sure you all know NiKo has joined the Frenchmen. Well, now technically it’s a Balkan team with nexa, NiKo, and hunter forming a wicked Balkan triangle. KennyS and AmaNEk are still there, though I wouldn’t be surprised if AmaNEk sees the exit door in a couple of months.

At +900, G2 are one of my high-risk future picks. Yep, I’m referring to the above-featured outright winner odds for betting on BLAST Premier Global Finals. They have plenty of potential, that’s for sure. It wouldn’t be surprising to see them kickstart 2021 with a proper bang.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid Esports LogoWe’ve mentioned Team Liquid quite a few times already. Now let’s actually take a closer look and see what they’re all about. First of all, let’s address the elephant in the room – yep, FalleN has signed for Liquid. Yep, Twistzz out and FalleN in. I’m not yet sure what to make out of this exchange. What I can say is that I’m interested to see if Liquid can continue with their much-anticipated comeback.

Of course, it all depends on how quickly FalleN is able to sync up with the rest of the team. We all know how much it took Grim to do the same thing.

Liquid might be in for a couple of painstakingly long months of trial and error…

Overall, though, Liquid should be a more competitive team once the Brazilian CS legend properly settles in. Unfortunately, that’s going to be a lengthy process. FalleN’s experience ought to cut the time down a bit, but I still don’t think you should include Liquid in your BLAST Premier Global Finals betting slips.


FURIA LogoThe Brazilians were a relatively unknown team before 2019 even though they’ve existed since August 2017. However, 2020 was definitely their breakthrough year. It was the year in which they finally managed to string together a couple of notable titles. Three, to be more precise.

But three titles are not that much, right? Well, in addition to three titles, FURIA also had two grand final losses and a couple of semifinal mishaps.

Overall, they were, alongside Evil Geniuses, the most consistent NA team in 2020. As such, you have to give them credit!

However, their late 2020 adventures in Europe showcased just how inexperienced they are against teams outside of NA. True, DH Masters Europe wasn’t that bad, but everything else was! Considering the fact 2021 is hopefully going to bring international LAN events back, FURIA might have a tough time on their hands. They’re going to keep fighting for that best in NA title, that’s for sure, but somehow I can’t see them being dominant on the international stage.



Now that all’s been said and done, it’s time to close the discussion and call it a day!

Once again, what we’re looking at here is surely one of the biggest CSGO events in 2021! BLAST Premier Global Final is going to be an amazing start of competitive 2021! With $1 million in prize money, top-tier production quality and only the most competitive teams in the world, it can’t do poorly, can it?

As far as BLAST Premier Global Finals betting is concerned, I hope this piece helped you wrap your head around all crucial matter. Don’t let the complexity behind CSGO betting options discourage you, especially if you’re just starting out. Things may be complex, but with a bit of perseverance (and my guidance) and hard work, I’m sure you’ll make it.

Until next time…

May the odds be in your favor!